Community Events

Community Events

The focal point of the GoNorthEast campaign will be a Community Weekend on Saturday 08 September and Sunday 09 September 2018.

The AWPR Community Weekend is a free public event celebrating the opening of one of the largest infrastructure projects in Scotland, part of Transport Scotland’s commitment to improving travel in the north east.

The free weekend of activity will allow the general public pedestrian and cycle access onto a section of roadway to enjoy a carnival atmosphere with a programme of activities and entertainment including active travel, vintage vehicles through the ages and looking ahead to the future of transport all the while highlighting the importance of the project and how AWPR will connect communities, business and the region with a safe and modern road network for the future.

More details will be announced in due course.

About the Community Weekend

A. The new A90 will host a “Go North East Road Festival”, offering regional music and food & drink, while showcasing travel-themed demos, art and information “villages” presenting topical street theatre for visitors to experience and enjoy.

A. The project is expected to open in Autumn 2018. Exact dates have yet to be finalised. A number of side roads and bridges have already opened in advance of the new trunk road and, where practical, new sections will open as they are completed.

A. We have factored in the possibility the road could be open at this location and contingency plans will be in place with relevant partners, including the local authorities and police, to ensure any required closures will minimise any inconvenience.

A. Up to 12,000 will be able to attend the free event over the weekend programme. Access to the event will only be available through free shuttle bus services which will operate throughout the event from designated departure areas.

A. Capacity for the event is determined on the logistics of providing public transport for audiences to get to and from the event location. Engagement with the public, community groups and schools throughout the region will encourage participants to attend this unique opportunity for pedestrian access onto section of the new road before it opens to vehicles only.

A. Plans are being finalised but options currently include a shuttle bus system from Aberdeen city centre and designated Park & Ride site facility. This will provide free transport to participants looking to attend the event.

A. During the weekend there will be an opportunity for cyclists on a section of the new AWPR road.

During both event days, we are planning to have a selection of bikes for use in a “come and try” arena. This will give an opportunity for novices and the more experienced to cycle a short section of AWPR B-T. Cyclists of all levels can wiz, wobble or weave on the closed road, promoting active travel and greener transport.

A. Access to the event will only be available through free shuttle bus services which will operate throughout the event from designated departure areas. A selection of bikes will be available to borrow for all that wish to cycle a section of the new AWPR B-T route. Please note, for everyone’s safety visitors will not be able to bring their own bikes on site.

A. The AWPR/B-T will be a Special Road, and, similar to a motorway, cyclists will be prohibited from using it for their own safety. However, the benefits to cyclists and pedestrians of the project are to be found in the local road networks which will be relieved of strategic traffic, with all the environmental and safety benefits this will bring.

A. Details of the community event will be announced in due course and we are considering how we can help and encourage individuals to fundraise as part of their visit.