Go Connect

Go Connect

The new infrastructure is designed to provide better connectivity both within and outwith the region.

This will increase productivity, saving time and money, help attract new investment and boost business activity in the city and across the region.

Some of the benefits can be discovered below.

Better connections and journey times for industries like oil and gas, fishing and tourism, helping to retain and attract jobs in these industries

Easier and more cost-effective journeys for freight and businesses looking to transport goods from the north east to businesses in the south and vice-versa

Reduced congestion and inconsistent journey times, helping businesses save money on fuel and driver fees

Boosting the Buchan area and protecting growing economies in towns like Peterhead and Fraserburgh by increasing road connectivity and reliable routes available in those areas

Attracting more people to work and live in the north east by expanding labour catchment areas and providing less stressful commuter journeys

Developing industrial sites on the periphery of the city which are not currently viable due to poor transport links

Making it easier for residents, shoppers and tourists to get to the city centre

Enabling other elements of the Regional Transport Strategy to be completed, such as rail projects and ‘Park and Choose’

The AWPR/B-T will bring a welcome boost to the region’s economy by generating income through increased sales and reduced costs. This is expected to bring more than £6 billion to the area, as well as 14,000 jobs over the next three decades. Additionally, new business investment is anticipated to bring in £105 million and 600 jobs in that period.

The impact on the region will be immediate and, five years after completion, we anticipate these changes: